EPS 59: Getting WILD, Erotic Poetry, and Self as Lover with Rachel Pringle

EPS 59: Getting WILD, Erotic Poetry, and Self as Lover with Rachel Pringle

Welcome to Episode 59!

What does it mean to be a WILD WOMAN and how does one come to embody this? We’ve got Rachel Pringle author of the juciest erotic poetry book, Wild Open, here to share with us the difference between sensuality and eroticism.  We get into practices of reclaiming and loving the self, turning yourself on, and unlocking new ways of being that is more liberated and expansive.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How eroticism is different than sensuality
  • Practices for others to uplevel their erotic potential
  • How we can write, read, listen to erotic poetry to help them drop into that embodiment and mind space.
  • What it means to activate your voice and becoming fully expressed in and out of the bedroom
  • How to keep a long-term relationship hot with passion.
  • Exclusive reading from Rachel’s newly released book that is bound to make you feel things you have never thought possible.

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Rachel Pringle is an artist and leader in women’s empowerment. She started her practice with yoga at the tender age of 12, and has been immersed in the study of human development and the mysteries of the mind, body and soul ever since. Deep in inquiry around psychology, quantum psychics, somatic healing and tantra, she is committed to the subtleties and intricacies of unraveling the inner self that led to opening and healing the physical body, allowing for true ownership of one’s unique essence. She is a teacher and coach of sensuality, embodiment and sacred intimacy. 

Wild Open is her first book of poetry. This body of work was created out of major heartache and loss of self. Through the devotional act of claiming her sovereignty, she began a creative process that led her to access a channel of erotic awakening, that has and continues to profoundly change her life. By sharing the art that was birthed from her pain, her desire is to inspire others to access their power, their sovereignty and awaken their erotic pulse.

Find her on Instagram @positivepringle or IAmRachelPringle.comGet her new book Wild Open on Amazon today!


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