EPS 58: Intimacy After Birth, Conscious Conception Preparation, and Talking with your Soul Baby with Jocelyn Gordon

EPS 58: Intimacy After Birth, Conscious Conception Preparation, and Talking with your Soul Baby with Jocelyn Gordon

Welcome to Episode 57!

How can we prepare our bodies, souls, + lifestyle to best support the entering of children into our family. In this episode we talk with Jocelyn Gordon about navigating the stages of birth most effectively while maintaining intimacy with our partner throughout + following.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How you can prepare for conception consciously + on many levels 
  • Keeping intimacy strong with your partner during the stages of pregnancy + post
  • How to support the mother to reduce risk of post-partum depression
  • Impact of the mother’s health + high stress on the development of the baby
  • Communicating to our soul babies even before they are conceived
  • Womb healings 
  • Ancestral trauma + clearing the way for coming children

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Jocelyn Gordon is a mother, lover, yogini, dancer, world traveler, coach and birth keeper (doula) having most recently returned to living in the US after 4.5 years living in Bali, Indonesia followed by a six month journey in New Zealand. In 2014, Jocelyn moved to Bali – “Island Of The Gods” – after six years of annual teaching of her dance yoga practice, Bhakti Boogie® Yoga and to activate her online yoga school and holistic fitness program, www.HoopYogini.com. During this time, she volunteered with the Bumi Sehat Midwifery Clinic which offers free healthcare to Indonesians and natural birth education to parents worldwide, conceived and had a home water birth at age 42, held women’s circles and received inner guidance on the importance of preconception preparation. 

As a Conscious Conception Coach, Jocelyn helps women and their partners up-level their health and well-being before conception so they can align with the energy wishing to be born through them, whilst addressing fears and trauma, creating space for ancestral healing and encouraging soulful guardianship of the children coming to earth. She tours with Wanderlust Yoga Festivals and has been called a “Yoga Rebel” by Yoga Journal. Jocelyn offers online and in-person coaching, bodywork, yoga therapy plus transformative healing sessions with Kambo frog medicine. Check her out at JocelynGordon.com

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