EPS 54: Divorce for Love, Return to Dating, & Navigating Co-parenting with Olga Nadal

EPS 54: Divorce for Love, Return to Dating, & Navigating Co-parenting with Olga Nadal

Hey lovers and warriors!

Welcome to Episode 54!

The word: Divorce, how does your body react? Society wants us to believe it’s going to be dramatic, traumatic, and full of pain; but what if it didn’t need to be? Olga Nadal of Divorce for Love shares with us her fresh look on moving through the process while choosing love every step of the way.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The thoughts and mindset that are preventing you from having more ease in the divorce process
  • The stigma on divorce and how it’s impacting you and the process
  • Tips on co-parenting and helping the kids transition with less distress and impact.
  • Top reasons why the divorce process can become out of hand and cause more pain
  • The benefits of having a divorce coach guiding you through the process
  • Tips on returning back into the dating world after the split
  • Advice on starting your life anew as a single individual

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Olga is a divorce coach and founder of Divorce for Love, in which she helps people get through the thick of their divorce process and into the fabulous next stage of their life. She’s on a mission to change the conversation around divorce and how we view divorced families, the kind of support we offer to them and an understanding that divorce is far from failure. Check her out at divorceforlove.com or Instagram @divorceforlove and Youtube: Olga Nadal

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