EPS 42: Dating Culture, Matchmakers, Practicing Love, and the Power of Mindset with Christina Weber

EPS 42: Dating Culture, Matchmakers, Practicing Love, and the Power of Mindset with Christina Weber

Hey lovers and warriors!

Welcome to Episode 42!

Does the word ‘dating’ make you cringe? In this episode we talk with Christina Weber who is YOUR love accomplice and coach for all your dating and relationship needs!


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where to meet potential dates
  • What are the current dating trends and how it’s impacting us from meeting potential partners
  • Strategies for improving your chances at meeting people of interest
  • The mindsets and pitfalls impacting your ability to date
  • Being your authentic self and communication skills to help you navigate
  • Matchmakers…what’s really going on?


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Christina Weber is YOUR love accomplice and coach for all your dating and relationship needs. Through a 1:1 private coaching practice, Christina privately helps clients gamify the dating process – not in a “playing games” type way, but instead, to uncover the essence of her clients. She helps her clients practice communicating, social hacking and surrendering in prep for greater love. She is the founder of Feminine Weapon, a large-scale women’s conference for thousands of women inspiring deep introspection and connection every year in LA and New York. She is also founder of DEEPEN which is an innovative way to “date” while also having stimulating conversations, fun experiences and practicing love.

To find out more about Christina, check her out at WEDEEPEN.com and FeminineWeapon.com

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