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As a sex therapist, I know that you are bombarded daily with sex advice and images in the media and your social circle.  I believe that sex matters for both our individual and relational happiness, so I bring you Eat Play Sex podcast. This is YOUR show where I reveal to you what works (and what doesn’t) in the most entertaining and easy to understand way so that you can get back to being the confident, sensual and sexy thing you are.

You DESERVE to have the body, love and sex life you desire. And it starts with giving yourself permission to be curious and explore.

Get excited. Get REALLY excited. Interviewing experts on everything about nutrition and hormone harmony to relationships and body image, discover your roadblocks to sexiness and transform them into stepping-stones toward the sex life you’ve always dreamed!

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EPS Mission

Sex Hormones and Sex Life to Achieve Your Best Self

Whenever someone embarks on a journey, one of the first questions others ask is WHY?

What are you doing this for?

Why are you so passionate about it?

And of all things you can do, how do you hope to leave the world a better place with this?

Dr Cat and Diane Kazer started Eat. Play. Sex. as a way to empower men and women in all areas of their sex lives from sex and relational therapy to sex hormones, toxins that impact our sex parts and nutrition.  They met in 2014 while teaching yoga in Orange County, CA after which they joined forces to record their first episode together on Dr. Cat’s podcast, The Couch, for Playboy Radio.

Dr. Cat’s purpose driven career path was born from empathy.

After years of struggling with the relationships she had with both her body and her sexuality, Dr. Cat decided that enough was enough. She then embarked on a journey of self-exploration through yoga, therapy, education, and spiritual practices to reclaim her body, love, and self as a sexual being.

Dr Cat focuses on the psychology behind it all.

 The best way to describe Dr Cat’s role is:

“Remain continuously on a honeymoon.  Go on searching and seeking each other, finding new ways of loving each other, finding new ways of being with each other.  And each person is such an infinite mystery, inexhaustible, unfathomable, that it is not possible that you can ever say, ‘I have known her,’ or, ‘I have known him.’  At the most you can say, ‘I have tried my best, but the mystery remains a mystery.’  In fact the more you know, the more mysterious the other becomes.  Then love is a constant adventure.” ~ Osho
  • mindset to support your vision of your ‘PERCEIVED’ sexy self vs what society deems as ‘sexy’ – body image is SO KEY to a happy, individual and sexually fulfilled life.
  • what are your real DREAMS for yourself and your life, and how can you achieve that in the bedroom with surrender and play?
  • Acceptance of self, forgiveness, the release of shame, how to let go, baby steps to explore and methods of connection to your lover beginning with self.
  • And if you don’t yet HAVE a lover…things you can do NOW to create space for and attract someone into your life that resonates with your true needs and desires.
  • And many, MANY other juicy, cutting edge and sexy adventurous things you can try to prevent boredom both in the bedroom and in every aspect of your life.

Both Diane and Dr. Cat quickly realized their stories were not unique to themselves after hearing similar tales shared by their clients. Since Diane’s journey took her forth to focus solely on nutrition (and occasionally comes back as a guest expert), Dr. Cat continues the podcast and the mission to bring you the top experts in sexual health. Identifying a collective experience of sexless lives, Dr. Cat sets forth to ignite a movement of passionate, shameless, and healthy sexual beings that we all can in-joy. For what’s a life without good sex?  #SexMatters